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The Hypoxi Range

The Vacunaut

Ideal for:
  • Apple shaped women with excess fat around the stomach and waist
  • Men wanting to rid of their “beer belly”
  • Women struggling to lose their “baby belly”
  • Post-menopausal women looking to target stomach fat
  • Defining abs for professional or amateur competition
  • Women wanting to regain their hourglass shape

The S120

Ideal for:
  • Fit people looking to target those last stubborn kilos
  • Active recovery – from training sessions, race or game meets
  • Women and men who suffer from fluid retention
  • Men wanting to shed body fat from the thighs and bottom
  • People looking for an alternative low impact exercise that gets results

The L250

Ideal for:
  • Pear-shaped women
  • Women with cellulite or localised fat deposits
  • Women struggling to lose their baby weight
  • Women and men who do not enjoy the gym but want results fat
  • Men looking to tone legs and buttocks
  • Women looking to get in shape for that special day


Scientific Trial

1999 Study into the Effects of Hypoxi Training

In 1998, a scientific trial was conducted to compare the results achieved with HYPOXI training against those achieved with conventional exercise. The study comprised of 530 women between the ages of 25 to 55, and the average weight of the candidates was 65kg. The group was split in two, with half undertaking conventional exercise on a reclined bike, and the other half using HYPOXI. Both groups had to follow the same calorie controlled diet. The group was monitored for a period of six months.
A summary of the results recorded is set out below:

From the above results it is evident that those who participated in HYPOXI training were able to concentrate their circumference loss to the specific problem area of the body, in contrast to conventional exercise.
To summarise:

  • those participants who undertook training with Vacunaut achieved up to 3 and a half times greater circumference loss around the stomach area than the controlled sample who undertook conventional exercise; and
  • those participants who undertook training in the L250 achieved on average a 3 times higher loss of circumference in the area of the lower body than the controlled sample who undertook conventional exercise
This study provides further evidence that HYPOXI’s Vacunaut and L250 achieve desired weight loss by enhancing the body’s natural metabolic function during exercise.
Hypoxi Body Studio Lane Cove acknowledges that every person has a different problem area and therefore requires an individually tailored solution. Our friendly studio team has been extensively trained by HYPOXI Australia and is committed to helping each client achieve their fat loss and cellulite reduction goals.

Latest Press Reviews

"The latest non-invasive target fat and cellulite reduction treatment...."
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Grazia Magazine - September 2011
"After losing 4 kilos and 23 centimeters she only had positive things to say about her experience and is “officially hooked”...."
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Cosmopolitan Magazine - November 2011
“The verdict "in that crucial few weeks before the wedding, Hypoxi became my little oasis of calm. It was the perfect last minute pre-wedding detox and body-toning kick....”
Bride To Be Magazine November 2011
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